[Validator-l] Validator Updates

Watts, John John.Watts at dep.state.fl.us
Tue Feb 6 12:26:00 EST 2007

Validator Users:
We have updated the database that underlies the Validator software. Here are
the issues that are corrected by this new database version:

(1) EPA method 8270C states that 1,4,5 N-nitrosodiphenylamine decomposes in
the gas chromatographic inlet and cannot be separated from diphenylamine.
Both of these compounds are on the Appendix II list. Two new STORET codes
have been added (water and solid matrix) so that labs may more accurately
report the combined parameters diphenylamine and n-nitrosodiphenylamine.

(2) Dissolved Oxygen needs to be evaluated manually; it has a minimum
criteria of 5 mg/L for both SW-IIIF & SW-IIIM class surface waters. Validator
was not evaluating these criteria in a consistent manner. This problem has
been corrected. 

Additionally, we have added new method and analyte synonyms. When you
download and copy the new version of the database (Eque.val) into your
Validator folder (C:\Program Files\FDEP\Validator) it will overwrite any
local synonyms that you have. This is unavoidable. 


If you have questions, please direct them to Clark.B.Moore at dep.state.fl.us

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Lab Data Support Manager
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