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Barnes, Travis BarnesT at hillsboroughcounty.org
Wed Feb 1 15:46:45 EST 2017

Recycling Coordinators,

I hope everyone is having a great week!  I enjoyed seeing many of you at the Recycle Florida Today Winter Summit last week.

I'm working to develop an educational video on recycling and how our single-stream MRF operates.  If your jurisdiction has a recycling related video of any kind please forward it to me along with any additional information you can provide as to whether the video was produced in-house or with a paid vendor, rough estimates of the production costs, etc.

If you have any additional links to educational recycling videos or MRF virtual tours that you recommend, please forward them to me.

Thanks in advance for all responses and I appreciate any feedback received.  Take care.

Best Regards,

Travis S. Barnes, MPA, LEED AP
Recycling Coordinator
Solid Waste Management Division

P: (813) 209-3085
E: BarnesT at HillsboroughCounty.org<mailto:BarnesT at HillsboroughCounty.org>
W: HCFLGov.net/Recycling

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