[FRC] May Webinar: Co-Collecting Organics with Trash: The Commercial & Residential Perspective

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May 9th, 2018
1 pm - 2:15 pm EST

In this webinar Organix Solutions will present their system of collecting source separated organics (“SSO”) where organics are conveniently “co-collected” in the same bin with refuse. Organix Solutions will also provide a brief overview of their “layered approach” for harvesting the value of organics by using co-collection programs in combination with flexible material processing systems.

In addition, two communities will present their use of the Organix system to collect and manage organics. The city of Wayzata, MN will describe how they introduced and got their residents to embrace this approach and the city of Boulder, CO will share how their recently introduced commercial organics recycling program is contributing to their zero waste initiative.



Mark Wesson, City of Boulder, CO
Mark Wesson is a Zero Waste Specialist and Advisor for the City of Boulder. He has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in Human Dimensions in Natural Resources from Colorado State University where his research was focused on connecting children to nature. Over the past 10 years Mark has educated the greater Boulder community on the importance of recycling and composting (and how to do it!) through his work with Eco-Cycle, the Boulder County Sustainability Department, the Boulder County Recycling Center and in his current role with the City of Boulder where he helps businesses comply with the City of Boulder’s Universal Zero Waste Ordinance (UZWO). Mark’s presentation will focus on the commercial aspect of the UZWO and more specifically on the recently implemented Green Bag Giveaway program which supplies free compostable bags to local businesses to help with their zero waste efforts.


Jodi Gallup, Medina, MI
Jodi Gallup is the Assistant City Administrator for the City of Medina, Minnesota, where she has been dedicated to diverting organic waste from the trash and turning it into nutrient rich compost. Gallup started Medina’s first residential curbside organic compost program on January 1, 2008 using a separate cart and has continued to work with Medina’s hauler to improve the program by implementing the Blue Bag Organics Co-Collection Program in 2013. Gallup’s presentation will cover the history of Medina’s program, how Medina got started, how Medina implemented the city-wide changes to the Blue Bag program, and address Medina’s successes and challenges throughout the process.


Deb Darby, Organix Solutions
Debra Darby is program and marketing director with Organix Solutions, an organics recovery and municipal solid waste company based in Minnesota. Formerly director of marketing
communications with Metabolix, a developer of biopolymers, she holds an MS degree in Work Environment/Cleaner Production from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Charlotte Dreizen, GreenBlue
Charlotte Dreizen is a Project Manager at GreenBlue and leads the Composting Collaborative and compostable packaging work at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. In the last 18 months, the Composting Collaborative has spearheaded research in pretreatment systems and composting access, as well as convened three in-person summits and kicked off a monthly webinar series. In addition, Charlotte co-developed the new Essentials of Sustainable Packaging course and has spoken at events like the New York City Food Waste Fair and the Green Sports Alliance Summit on organics recycling strategies. She holds a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University with dual concentrations in International Development and International Environmental Studies. Charlotte is also a LEED Green Associate and has earned Living Future Accreditation through the International Living Future Institute.

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