gis-l: GIS Data Additions & Updates

Brockwell, Eric
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:34:00 -0400

Greetings GIS Users,

It's been a while since we informed you of data additions and updates.  =
has been primarily due to our focus on the move of GIS Data Server =
from SDE 3.0.2 to ArcSDE 8.1.2 and the simultaneous move of the data =
to a new physical server.  The following datasets have been added or =
in the past couple of weeks . . .

TIGER 2000 Census Data is now available at the county, tract, block =
and block levels.  For those of you who are used to the 1990 Census =
Data, we
tried to make them as similar as possible and enhancements in the 2000 =
shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

SWFWMD 1999 Land Use is also available.  Unfortunately the only other =
that is updating their land use data based on the 1999 DOQQs is SJRWMD =
their data will likely not be available for another year or so.

Vicki Tauxe and Richard Butgereit have developed and provided a new
Mitigation Bank Service Areas layer.

Two new lakes layers, Lakes (areas) and Lakes (points) are synchronized =
match, have lake and county names for all records and have been reviewed =
district personnel.  In the future, it is hoped to add DEP Water Body =
IDs to
the layers.  If you see corrections that need to be made to the layer, =
contact Joe North or Devan Branscum.

Residuals Application Sites from WAFR has been filtered out of the =
offering of Wastewater Facilities from WAFR, and is now available as its =

DataMiner layers that have been updated recently include:
Mitigation Banks
ERP Conservation Easements (areas)
ERP Mitigation Sites (areas)
State Lands Parcels (small)
State Lands Parcels (large)

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