gis-l: DataMiner Data Updates

Brockwell, Eric
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 11:42:36 -0500

GIS Users,

Please take a few moments to read about an important change in =
data related to aquatic preserves and Outstanding Florida Waters (OFW) . =
. .

In the past, Outstanding Florida Waters data were in three separate =
layers by
OFW type: OFW Aquatic Preserves, Special OFWs, and Other OFWs.  Coastal =
Aquatic Managed Areas (CAMA) also had Aquatic Preserves (AP) data that =
mostly, but not exactly, coincident with the OFW Aquatic Preserves.  The
Division of Water Resource Management has developed a new version of =
with all types in the same layer.  If you have been using OFW data in =
past, you will want to start using the layer Outstanding Florida Waters. =
you need to work with CAMA's aquatic preserve data, you will want to use
Aquatic Preserves (areas) and/or Aquatic Preserves (lines).

All three layers are available in both the Boundaries and the Water
categories of DataMiner.  If you have any of the older OFW or AP data in
existing ArcView projects, it is important that you open the project(s),
delete the layer(s) and add the new version(s) in from DataMiner.  The =
versions will be dropped from the database at the end of January.

In addition to reworking the OFW layers, a couple of new layers have =
inserted which contain important information for users working with
Everglades Restoration:
CERP Conceptual Project Areas
CERP Project Areas

Finally, the following layers have all been updated in the past month or =
. . .
Brownfields, FL House Districts, FL Senate Districts, Front Porch
Communities, Lakes (areas), Lakes (points) and US Congressional =

For more information about each of these layers, see updated metadata on =
intranet at http://depnet/gis/geodata/vinterface.htm or in ArcView =
the DOC button.

E r i c    W    B r o c k w e l l
Systems Project Administrator
Geographic Information Systems
FL Dept of Environmental Protection