gis-l: ADMIN - SDE Upgrade, ArcGIS 8.1, Training

Clay, Linc
Thu, 2 May 2002 15:13:12 -0400

GIS Users,

I wanted to apprise you of where we are on several fronts.

SDE 3.0.2 to ArcSDE 8.1.2 Upgrade -

*	We are presently running SDE on GISSUN5 and ArcSDE on ODYSSEY
parallel.  DataMiner is now drawing data from ArcSDE on ODYSSEY.
*	We will shortly be releasing an ArcView 3.2a project (.apr)
translation program that will edit your .aprs so they will draw data =
from the
new ArcSDE server.  The program will also make a backup copy of the =
project file.  (Any projects you create using DataMiner from this point
forward will be using the new ArcSDE server and will therefore NOT have =
to be
*	We will shortly be releasing a web-based installation program to
upgrade your ArcView 3.2a STARTUP script (which is run when you invoke
ArcView 3.2a) to look for extensions on the new server.
*	We are in the process of editing the ArcView 3.2a productivity tools
to use the new ArcSDE server.  This will be transparent to the user
*	We expect to bring down SDE 3.0.2 on GISSUN5 in September.
Therefore, you will need to translate your ArcView 3.2a projects and =
the new STARTUP script by then.

ArcGIS 8.1 Progress -

*	We have provided ArcGIS 8.1.2 on the web-based install page.
*	We have created a beta-version of DataMiner for ArcGIS 8.1.  We are
in the process of making some improvements to the DataMiner to take =
of layer files.
*	Layer files are available for ArcGIS 8.1.  The layer files include
scale thresholds and the standard symbology from ArcView 3.2a.  The =
files may be found at


*	We are working on porting other selected ArcView 3.2a productivity
tools to the ArcGIS 8.1 environment.  We will keep you posted on the =
of this effort.
*	We will disseminate ArcGIS 8.1 tools in an FDEP toolbar from a common
point.  You will add the toolbar by browsing to the shared location.  =
this approach, you will automatically be using the latest version of the =
toolbar without having to take any installation actions on your part.

ESRI Software Training for Fall, 2002 -

*	The Tallahassee-area ESRI user group (SHRUG) will be hosting a GIS
Workshop similar to the four workshops hosted by FDEP in past years.  =
workshop will feature ESRI-certified software training.
*	The workshop training will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, November
12th and 13th.  The training will be held at several sites around =
(including the FDEP training room).
*	The classes to be offered (subject to instructor availability and
student interest) include Introduction to ArcGIS I, Introduction to =
II, and an abbreviated two-day ArcIMS.  It appears that the price will =
from $300 to $500 per student.

Stay tuned to GIS-L for future developments in the FDEP GIS community.


Linc Clay
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