gis-l: Dataminer for ArcGIS 8/ArcMap

Williford, April
Thu, 23 May 2002 13:23:05 -0400

DEP GIS Users:

The GIS section has completed the revision/upgrade of Dataminer for use =
ArcGIS/ArcMap, and is available for download from
the GIS Help Desk web site at
http://depnet/bisnet/bisgis/hdesk/arcgiscustom/arcgiscustom.htm . The =
and functionality of Dataminer has not changed very much; however, the
following are changes/known issues to be aware of:

- The newest version of Dataminer was placed in the location above on
05/23/02. Therefore, if you have previously installed Dataminer from the =
above, you will need to uninstall that version before installing the new =
(To remove any previously installed versions, go to Start =3D> Settings =
Control Panel =3D> Add/Remove Programs)

- When installing/uninstalling Dataminer, you must have ArcMap closed.

- After installing Dataminer and opening ArcMap, if a new toolbar with
Dataminer does not appear, click Tools =3D> Customize; under the =
Toolbars tab,
click in box next to DEPToolBar.

- The symbology/values of the Digital Elevation Model layer do not show =
correctly in ArcMap's Table of Contents in Windows 2000.
However, the layer itself draws correctly.

- The GIS Section is currently working on the Habitat Imagery layer and =
not available in Dataminer at this time.
- The Usage button has been removed.=20
If you have any problems or questions regarding Dataminer, please call =
help desk at at (850) 921-9745 / SC 291-9745, or contact me at:
April Williford
Bureau of Information Systems/GIS Section
Voice: (850) 921-9749