gis-l: Introducing ArcExplorer 2

Shudes, Karen
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:21:25 -0400

GIS Users,

The staff at BIS/GIS would like to introduce to our new or casual=20
GIS users ArcExplorer 2. =20

ArcExplorer 2 is a lightweight GIS data viewer developed by ESRI=20
that can be downloaded for free. =20

With ArcExplorer 2 software's suite of tools you can:

*	View and query shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages, and ArcSDE layers.

*	Measure distance on your map and find features.

*	Identify and query geographic and attribute data.

*	Pan and zoom through multiple map layers.

*	Create maps using classifications, symbols, and labeling

ArcExplorer 2 also features legends, overview maps, saving and =
projects, and map printing.

Best of all your spatial data and ArcView projects can be shared with =
who do not have or cannot afford ArcView.

~ Testimonial~

"ArcExplorer has all the useful functions of ArcView GIS, but is much =
to use.  In fact, I actually prefer using ArcExplorer over=20
ArcView GIS because it allows me to share my water quality data and =
with nonprofit agencies that do not have GIS."
FDEP staff South District

So go ahead and check out ArcExplorer's many useful features by clicking =
the link to the manual "Introducing ArcExplorer 2" below.

The manual offers a brief overview of ArcExplorer's valuable features =
step-by-step tutorials guiding you through the download process, as well =
adding ArcSDE layers and shapefiles.

So, what are you waiting for? check out ArcExplorer Today!


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