gis-l: 1994 vs 1999 DOQs

Brockwell, Eric
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 08:31:42 -0500

Tallahassee GIS Users,

The overwhelming concensus was to sacrifice some of the 1994 JPGs to =
room for the rest of the 1999 JPGs and 1999 MrSIDs.  We will avoid the
following areas at the request of specific users: Hardee, Hillsborough,
Manatee, and Polk counties and the Lake Arbuckle-Kissimmee River area.  =
We do
intend to replace the sacrificed JPGs once the new imagery server is up =

Thank you to the 20+ users that responded with their preferences.

District GIS Users,

We will be dealing with your imagery issues shortly.

GIS Section
FL Dept of Environmental Protection