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Tue Dec 13 11:05:03 EST 2005

GIS Users,

The following dataset has been inserted in ArcSDE/DataMiner:

ArcSDE Name - base.named_rivers_larger_streams
DataMiner Name - Named Rivers Larger Streams

This layer is a compilation of all of the rivers and larger streams within
Florida. NHD 24K (NHDinGEO) linework database is the foundation. Not all the
details and linework from the NHD are included in this shapefile; only the
rivers and larger streams along with the names and reach codes are included.
There were additional features of information incorporated into this data
from various different sources:  Water management districts, the Watershed
Monitoring Program's River/Stream coverage, 100k NHD linework, Digital Raster
Graphics (DRG) and a few counties added on to the linework, names and missing
data. The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) from USGS is a feature-based
database that interconnects and uniquely identifies the surface water
segments or reaches that make up the nation's surface water drainage system.
This high-resolution NHD, generally developed at 1:24,000/1:12,000 scale,
adds detail to the original 1:100,000-scale NHD.


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