gis-l: New TIGER layer in ArcSDE and DataMiner

Bokey, Aparna
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:19:11 -0500

GIS Users,

We have inserted a brand new TIGER layer - TIGER 2003 Places in =
The layer can be accessed via the "Boundaries" tab in DataMiner.
The ArcSDE name for the layer is BASE.TIGER_PLACES_2003.=20

This is an update to the TIGER 2002 Places layer in DataMiner and the
BASE.TIGER_PLACES_2002 layer in SDE. We are planning on deleting the old
Places 2002 layer on this Thursday, January 27th. Users are requested to
contact BIS/GIS for an extension of this deletion date.


BIS/GIS Section.=20