gis-l: DSL Land Records Web Map Now Available

Patterson, Tim
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 10:50:25 -0500

TO: All DEP Employees
FROM: Tim Patterson
THROUGH: Terry Wilkinson
Division of State Lands
Bureau of Survey & Mapping
DATE: March 2, 2005
SUBJECT: DSL Land Records Web Map Now Available

The Division of State Lands is proud to announce the rollout of our new =
Land Records Web Map to all DEP users.  Copy this link to your =

This is the DEP Intranet portal to the Florida Board of Trustees of the
Internal Improvement Trust Fund (TIITF) State Lands Records archived =
with the
Division of State Lands in Tallahassee, Florida.=20

The Board of Trustees Land record Data base system (BTLDS) has three
components: mapping data, tabular data, and images related to Board of
Trustees land records. This web site allows searching BTLDS records by
selecting parcels on a map or by entering information to search a =
The parcels displayed on the map represent parcels described in the =
TIITF land record documents. Selecting a parcel on the map may return
information about several different documents associated with that =
through out the history of State land transactions involving that =
Users will also be able to select a parcel on the map and view an image =
the deed, lease, easement or other document that describes that parcel =
with database land records associated with the document.=20

The web site contains many new and useful features including an advanced
address locator and free form full text search capability to simplify =
database search.  The web map also includes a one click DEP user logon =
allows users to customize and save their own default map layers, default
active map layer and the ability to store custom SQL queries.  Also =
to DEP users is the 2003 State wide cadastral data set.=20

In order to get the most from the new web site, we recommend that your =
of users contact Tim Patterson <>,
Division GIS Coordinator at (850) 245-2576 ext 4597 to arrange a short =
informative training session. =20

The Land Records Web Map link can also be found at the FDEP ArcIMS =
Portal page located at <http://depnet/gis/links/portal_intranet.asp> and =
the Division of State Lands home page <http://depnet/stland/> Quick =

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