gis-l: Re: Sources of address/map info for SWAPP group - site access

Woeber, Andy
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 11:44:21 -0500


My name is Andy Woeber and here is a quick note to let you know my
background.  I had previously worked as an Environmental consultant
conducting property assessments evaluating risk from known contamination
sites.  Therefore, I have knowledge of CERCLA, RCRA, and tank =
You can use me as a resource for a question regarding these acronyms or =
you want to know more about what these are.   Of course, the FDEP staff =
the best ones to answer these, but I have used various mapping and
contamination databases to identify sites in my previous work.  =
Therefore, I
have become familiar with what some of those EPA databases contain.  =
Here is
a short list of the ones I have used in the past that may help us with
locating missing information.

OCULUS user: netuser login: netuser (you will need =
facility ID number to review scanned docs on site)
Property Appraiser websites
Topozone (
County GIS websites
County Public Works/Mapping Departments
Historical/Geanological libraries (Orange County Public Library is a =
resource for TRW/REDI maps which show land parcel and aerial photo
information - some updated to 2003)
Tampa Public Library
Broward County Public Library
Broward County Hazardous Waste Section