gis-l: Accessing GIS Enterprise Services

Clay, Linc
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:07:31 -0500

GIS Users,

We are currently experiencing a DNS problem which is manifested to GIS =
as the inability to get licenses and connect to ArcSDE.  The Systems =
Group is
working on this problem.  If you experience problems getting to GIS
resources, you can use the IP address for EPIC31/ESRILIC/ARCSDE (all =
for the same machine) which is  Using the IP address will
by-pass the broken DNS server.  Enter this IP address where you would
normally enter the machine name or alias.

For licenses, go to the Desktop Administrator and change the license =

If DataMiner does not work, you can manually connect to ArcSDE using =
this IP
address, the instance port of 5151, the username of sdeuser and the =
of sdeuser.  For raster data, the instance port is 5150, with the other
parameters are the same as above.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and we will let you know when it is =
or we have an ETA on it being fixed.


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