gis-l: Accessing GIS Enterprise Services - Work-Around

Judd, Chris
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:06:52 -0500

GIS Users,

The DNS problem was resolved at 3:00 PM yesterday.  If you have made =
edits to
your hosts file to work around this issue please remove them at this =


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Subject: gis-l: Accessing GIS Enterprise Services - Work-Around

GIS Users,

One slight boot-strapping issue here, if the Desktop Administrator can't =
the license manager, then it won't open up so you can't change the =
manager by entering the IP.  Seems like a bit of a design flaw...

But, we have a work-around.  Use NotePad to edit your OS Hosts file =
(found in
the OS directory under windows\system32\drivers\etc).  Put the following =
the hosts file.	esrilic	arcsde	epic31

Use a tab to separate the IP address from the name.  Save the hosts file =
you should be back in business for the license manager, DataMiner, etc.  =
will need administrative access to your machine to make this edit of the =

Sorry for the hassle.


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> Subject:	Accessing GIS Enterprise Services
> GIS Users,
> We are currently experiencing a DNS problem which is manifested to GIS
> users as the inability to get licenses and connect to ArcSDE.  The =
> Group is working on this problem.  If you experience problems getting =
> GIS resources, you can use the IP address for EPIC31/ESRILIC/ARCSDE =
> aliases for the same machine) which is  Using the IP =
> will by-pass the broken DNS server.  Enter this IP address where you =
> normally enter the machine name or alias.
> For licenses, go to the Desktop Administrator and change the license
> manager to
> If DataMiner does not work, you can manually connect to ArcSDE using =
> IP address, the instance port of 5151, the username of sdeuser and the
> password of sdeuser.  For raster data, the instance port is 5150, with =
> other parameters are the same as above.
> We are sorry for this inconvenience and we will let you know when it =
> fixed or we have an ETA on it being fixed.
> -Linc
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