gis-l: Updates to ArcSDE/DataMiner data

Bokey, Aparna
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 12:51:48 -0400

	GIS Users,

	The following datasets have been updated in ArcSDE/DataMiner:

	Updated Datasets:
	1. ArcSDE Name - Dep.lakes_areas
	Dataminer Name - Lakes (areas)
	2. ArcSDE Name - Dep.lakes_points
	DataMiner Name - Lakes (points)
	Both these datasets have been updated and now have fewer records than
before. The process steps in the metadata has been updated to account =
for the
fewer records. Both these datasets now have 3859 records.
	3. ArcSDE Name - Dep.Bomr_manpho_boundaries
	DataMiner Name - Mandatory Phosphate Mine Boundaries
	This dataset has been updated and now has 23 records. Certain mines
have been deleted from this dataset and users should check the updated
process steps in teh metadata for more information.
	BIS/GIS Section