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GIS Users,

The following Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) datasets have been
recently updated in ArcSDE/DataMiner/DataCatalog:

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_local_roads - 12555 records DataMiner/DataCatalog
Name: FDOT Local Roads

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_roads - 12718 records DataMiner/DataCatalog  Name:FDOT

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_state_routes - 1658 records DataMiner/DataCatalog
Name:FDOT State Routes

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_district_boundaries - 7 records

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_bridges - 7914 records DataMiner/DataCatalog Name: FDOT

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_toll_roads - 69 records DataMiner/DataCatalog  Name:
FDOT Toll Roads

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_traffic_meter_locations - 9359 records
DataMiner/DataCatalog  Name: FDOT Traffic Meter Locations

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_us_routes - 558 records DataMiner/DataCatalog
Name:FDOT US Routes

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_county_routes - 2274 records DataMiner/DataCatalog
Name: FDOT County Routes

The following FDOT layer has been newly inserted in

ArcSDE Name: Dep.FDOT_interstates - 73 records DataMiner/DataCatalog Name:
FDOT Interstates
This dataset contains all the interstate highways present in the state of
Florida and their lengths in a spatial format, as published by the Florida
Department of Transporation (FDOT).
All these layers have been uploaded from the FDOT data download web site: The
metadata has also been accordingly updated. These datasets have been planned
to be updated annually.


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