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GIS Users,

We are pleased to announce that the Consolidated Application 2.0 (aka CA 2.0,
aka CA/Map Direct 2.0) has been deployed to production.  As you may know,
management directed BIS/GIS to consolidate the 30-odd web mapping
applications into a single application.  We are working on this, and have so
far consolidated the Brownfields, ICR, Solid Waste Facility Locator, Fuel
Facilities (for emergency response), and Map Direct into the CA 2.0.  We are
planning to run the original Map Direct application parallel to CA/Map Direct
2.0 for two months, during which time the developers of applications that
called Map Direct will be redirecting their calls to the CA/Map Direct.

CA/Map Direct 2.0 supports all the features and functions of the original Map
Direct, but does so in the agency standard Java UI "look and feel".  Some of
the Map Direct features may have changed location in the interface, but they
are all there.  Additionally, there are a couple of new features, including
expandable/collapsible table of content entries, and several arrangements of
the layers (by program focus, by Division, by subject, and by name).

You may access the CA from the BIS/GIS web pages (
http://depnet/gis/index.htm ).



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