gis-l: FDEP Data Catalog and SDE Data Management Presentation Slides

Judd, Chris Chris.Judd at
Mon Dec 4 16:26:26 EST 2006

GIS Users,

Thank you for your participation in BIS/GIS' presentation on the Data
Management focusing on the Data Catalog and our ArcSDE data maintenance
procedures.  Please find the archived presentation slides below and on our
Depnet page: http://depnet/gis/

FDEP Data Catalog

	The Data Catalog, our latest and greatest interface to the DEP GIS
data library, has been promoted to production. The new product includes a
searchable and browseable interface and a new organizational scheme for
classifying our layers. To read more about the features, review these slides
<http://depnet/gis/services/datacat/datacat_marketing.ppt>. To learn more
about the categorization scheme used in the Data Catalog, read the taxonomy
documentation <http://depnet/gis/services/datacat/Taxonomy.doc>.
Additionally, the following links can be used to access the Data Catalog:

	* ArcMap Extension installation page:

	* Internal Facing Website:

	* Public Facing Website (only has a subset of the entire catalog that
has been approved for public consumption):

SDE Data Insert/Update/Delete Process

	The BIS/GIS Section has formulated guidelines for the agencies' GIS
Data Stewards and GIS Coordinators to handle the various aspects of ArcSDE
data management. These cover New Data Insertions, Data Updates and Data
Deletions/Deprecations.  To read more about these guidelines and important
steps in the data creation processes, please refer to the following
presentation <http://depnet/gis/services/sde/data_manage.ppt>.

	Also please refer to the taxonomy document mentioned above
<http://depnet/gis/services/datacat/Taxonomy.doc> for detailed information
regarding the various classification categories in Data Catalog.  This
document will help GIS Data Stewards better manage the categorization of
their new datasets in Data Catalog. 

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