gis-l: projecting UTM x,y coordinates

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BIS/GIS's Projection Utility available from
http://depnet/gis/services/utilities.htm can be used to transform all kinds
of coordinates. This will not allow a batch transformation, but it is a great
tool for transforming individual coordinate pairs.

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I'm having difficulty adding x,y data that is in the UTM (meters) format.  I
can translate the coordinates into conventional latitude and longitude
formats as WGS 84 (NAD 83) and NAD 27 datums without issue and then add the
data to my ArcMap session.  However, I would like to directly bring in the
UTM data into Albers projection without this added step.  I've attempted
adding the UTM data with and without assigning a projection during the
process.  Unlike the NAD 83 and NAD 27 data,  the projection differs
depending whether a coordinate system is assigned or remains unknown; tad
And, can someone direct me where to find the calculations that translates UTM
to Albers?  
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