gis-l: RFC - Proposed Change to Ambient Air Monitoring Sites Layer

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Fri Jan 27 12:55:06 EST 2006

GIS Users,

RE: Request for Comments - Proposed Change to Ambient Air Monitoring Sites
ArcSDE Layer

DARM is proposing a significant change to the Ambient Air Monitoring Sites
layer in ArcSDE.  The proposed change entails the removal of the current
layer, and replacement by several layers, including

	* an All Ambient Air Monitoring Sites layer (symbolized by
open/closed status) and
	* a layer for each of the monitored parameters.

The reason for the change is to directly link the GIS ArcSDE layer to the
DARM production database, as is now done for most other regulatory layers.

A date/time for the proposed change has not yet been set as we are still
working on the technical details and business process changes.  However, we
wanted to check with the users prior to finalizing these items in case there
were any objections or any unexpected issues.  If you have an objection or
believe there are some issues with this change, please let us know.



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