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Judd, Chris Chris.Judd at
Fri Jul 28 11:04:08 EDT 2006

*** GIS Data Catalog Released ***

What - Advanced beta release of the GIS Data Catalog (Data Miner replacement)

Why - To add search capability and use remote data sources

Who - All internal FDEP ArcMap users

When - Now (install from this link:

Pros -

* a new and improved classification scheme
* free text metadata search
* spatial search capability
* supports remote layers

Cons -

* Advanced beta means we have tested it, but it is using new technology...


We have begun putting our latest product, the GIS Data Catalog, through its
paces in beta tests. User feedback has been critical in the design and
development of this product. We've fixed many of the issues exposed by our
beta test -thanks for everyone who contributed!

We are now ready to put this product in the hands of our user community and
gain additional feedback; we'll be releasing the Data Catalog as "Beta" ASAP.
All of the metadata in the Data Catalog is final and has been through a QA/QC
process and we have taken every effort to test our code, however our ArcIMS
9.1 infrastructure is not ready and this will be hosted on our non-production
ArcIMS 9.1 systems until production is ready. Historically, our systems (even
the non-production ones) have been very stable but we wanted to present this
proviso. This product can be installed on the same machine as Data Miner and
we envision this to be a wholesale replacement of Data Miner.

What is the GIS Data Catalog? It's a metadata tool that will be available in
two formats, and ArcGIS extension and a pure web interface for standalone
use. The product will introduce our GIS metadata to a new categorization
system based on ISO and FGDC categories. The product also features the
ability to free text search our entire metadata library. Users will be able
to add layers from this interface to their ArcGIS map, just like Data Miner.
Public users will be able to download all of our data offerings in real time
in a secure data extract service (except NHD and State Lands Records, the
sheer size of this data was too large, they will be static/refreshed weekly
respectively). Internal users will be able to download much our GIS library
data in real time as well. The Data Catalog also features "Metadata Lite",
which is designed to give a streamlined view of the metadata, the full
metadata is still available, of course.

We are planning to support the roll-out of the Data Catalog and present a
brown-bag presentation to our user community in the near future, so stay

To install and read about the Data Catalog please go to

Thanks again for your continued support.


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