gis-l: ArcSDE/DataMiner Data Deprecation

Bokey, Aparna Aparna.Bokey at
Mon May 22 14:19:22 EDT 2006

GIS Users,

The following layers will be deprecated from ArcSDE on June 21st:


Each of these above mentioned layers has been replaced by a layer of the same
name in the 'WRM' schema.

The following layers will be deprecated from DataMiner on June 21st:

Storms Dennis 2005
NOAA Obstacles
Potential Natural Areas

The NOAA Obstacles and Potential Natural Areas layers are quite old and we
have not been able to obtain updates from the original sources. BIS/GIS
Section has also audited these layers for a month and they were determined of
not having sufficient usage to merit their continued inclusion in DataMiner
and ArcSDE. 

Users are requested to update their projects with available replacement
datasets prior to this date.


BIS/GIS Section


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