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GIS Users,

As you may know, BIS was directed by agency leadership to combine the 25 or
so separate web mapping applications (many with a unique look and feel) into
one consolidated web mapping application (aka Consolidated Application, aka
CA) that conforms to the agency user interface standard.  We convened the web
mapping stakeholders and developed a consensus design.  We are now
implementing this directive in a phased manner: migrating existing
applications into the CA a few at a time.  We are ready for "sea trials" for
release 1.0 of the CA which includes the Brownfields, the Institutional
Controls Registry (ICR), and the Solid Waste Facility Locator applications.
Navigating to these applications from the DWM web pages will now invoke the
CA with a "program focus" of Brownfields, ICR or Solid Waste.  If you have
visited these sites before, they may be cached by IE, so you may need to use
a <CTRL>-F5 to clear out your cache.

The direct links to these sites are below.  Links are also available from the
DWM program-related Internet pages as well.

General Viewer:
ICR: < Controls
stry> >
Solid Waste Facility Locator:
< Waste Facility Locator
tor> >

Happy web mapping!


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