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GIS Users,


As you might be aware, OTIS/GIS has lost significant resources in the recent
months.  In order to help us recover, we are trimming our redundant services.
We have developed a schedule for deprecating DataMiner.  Please note that in
past correspondence we have let the user community know that DataMiner is an
end of life product.  We believe that it is no longer in the best interest of
the agency to support DataMiner, as the cost of maintaining the product
outweighs what we can afford to provide.  We were planning on creating a
different metadata browsing product that would incorporate the best features
of both DataMiner and DataCatalog, at this time we do not have the resources
to dedicate to the development of such a product.  We offer three
alternatives to users of DataMiner:


1)         DataCatalog

2)         CA/MapDirect

3)         ArcCatalog


CA/MapDirect is the best option for data browsing and has many of the basic
features of desktop GIS.  It also has the added bonus of not requiring an
ArcMap installation, and users will not have to maintain map documents as
layers change.  DataCatalog has a lower maintenance footprint for OTIS/GIS,
and serves as the agency's GIS library.  Finally, users are welcome to use
ArcCatalog to browse the GIS data library and may find that this is the
middle ground between DataCatalog and DataMiner.


The schedule is as follows:


Today: We stop creating work-arounds to fix issues with displaying metadata.
Any new data that is not in ArcSDE, such as the new imagery that we are
serving through ESRI Imager Server, will not display metadata in DataMiner.
The official repository of Metadata can be found in DataCatalog,
CA/MapDirect, and ArcCatalog.   


3 months: We will stop updating DataMiner with new data as it is inserted in
ArcSDE.  DataMiner is unsupported by OTIS/GIS.  


January 1, 2008: We will remove access to the tables in Oracle that drive
DataMiner and it will no longer function.  


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