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Mr. Newton,

It depends on which FDOT District you received the raster from and where
the location is exactly.
Here in District Two we have three different coordinate systems we use for
our CADD work.
(See attached file: Zones_Districts3.pdf)
If I were you I would contact the person you got the raster from and ask
them the projection and coordinate system used if any.
If they do not know let me know and I will try to find out for you.
I will need the raster and it's location though

Thank You for your time and efforts
Christopher P. O’Gara
District Utility Coordinator
Florida Department of Transportation
Roadway Design / Utilities Office
1109 South Marion Avenue, MS 2024
Lake City, Fl 32025-5874
TEL: (386) 961-7708
FAX: (386) 758-3736
chris.ogara at

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Today's Topics:

   1. Projecting Raster (Newton, Jeff)


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Hello:  I received an aerial from FDOT (tif format) along with associated
file.  The rasters native format is State Plane 83, feet.  How can I get
Arcmap to project this correctly?  I could georeference the raster myself
would rather tell arcmap what the correct projection should be.  I assume I
need to generate a .prj file.  Is this correct?

Jeff L. Newton
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Site Investigation Section
Environmental Manager
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 4515
Tallahassee,  Florida 32399-2600

Office: (850) 245-8955
Cell: (850) 528-7677
Fax (850) 245-8975

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