gis-l: Datacat/ Dataminer now working - UPDATE instructions

Watson, Jonathan Jonathan.Watson at
Tue May 29 09:46:31 EDT 2007

Gis users,

The network share on epic31 has been fixed, so DataCatalog and DataMiner are
now working.
Since this problem has happened several times over the last few months, we
have copied these files to another server to try to prevent this from
happening again.  To update DataCat/DataMiner to use the new server, please
follow the instructions below:

*DataCatalog users will need to run the following file to be able to access
the new server:

*DataMiner version 10 has been updated to use the new server, so as long as
you see "FDEP DataMiner for ArcMap v10" when running Dataminer, you don't
need to do anything.  

*If you're running an older version of DataMiner, please update DataMiner to
version 10 by:

Step 1.  Run the following script:
Step 2.  Inside of ArcMap, click the "View" pulldown > "Toolbars" >
Step 3.  A "Customize" dialog box should appear; at the bottom of the dialog
is an option to "Add From File..." Click that button.
Step 4.  A file open dialog box should appear. Navigate to the C:\MYAV8
directory. Select "DEPDataminer.dll" ONLY. Click the "Open" button.
Step 5.  An "Added Objects" dialog box should appear; click the "OK" button
to add the displayed objects.
Step 6.  You should now be back at the "Customize" dialog box on the
"Commands" tab, in the listing of Categories there should be a listing for
"DEP Tools." Click the category.
Step 7.  To the right of the Categories listing is a list of available tools.
Select and drag the DataMiner tool to any of the tool bars in the map view.
Once it has appeared on the toolbar, click the close button to close the
"Customize" dialog box.

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Gis users, 
DataCatalog and DataMiner are not working right now due to a broken network
share on epic31. 
SDE is unaffected, so please add layers to your projects using ArcCatalog. 
We are looking into the cause and will send another email when the problem is
Eric Hancock

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