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GIS users,


OTIS/GIS is pleased to announce that imagery is now available from Image
Server.  Image Server is ESRI's newest imagery product that we have been
testing in-house over the last several months with excellent results.  It
will eventually take the place of the SDE Raster instance.


**We plan on deprecating the SDE Raster instance sometime next year, so
please begin installing the Image Server client in ArcMap as outlined below.
Note that new installations of ArcMap will automatically install the Image
Server client for ArcMap**


To start using imagery from Image Server via ArcGIS 9.1 / 9.2, please follow
the instructions below.  Note that this installation should take less than 20
minutes as this is a pretty lightweight add-on for ArcGIS:



Image Server's advantages vs. SDE Raster are:


1)      Easier / faster for us to publish new imagery datasets

2)      Draw speed is much faster for most users (especially district users)

3)      Can see the entire dataset at full extent

4)      Easier for OTIS/GIS to maintain / patch datasets

5)      Less diskspace required on the servers means that newer - high
resolution datasets can be published more cheaply than was possible with SDE


We are adding all the datasets that are in SDE Raster and hope to have the
entire SDE Raster catalog available via Image Server sometime next year.


This imagery can be added via DataCatalog/DataMiner (once the client has been
installed) and has the suffix of "Image Server".  For example, the DOQQ 2004
dataset is available and is named "DOQQ 2004 (aerial photos-Image Server)".
As more datasets are published, we will send out additional GIS-ls as per our
normal method for publishing new datasets.




For any installation questions, please contact the DEP Help Desk via the
following ways:


<helpdesk at>

850-245-7555 (Suncom 205-7555)



The Department of Environmental 

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improving the level and quality of services provided to you. Please take a few minutes to comment on the quality of 

service you received. Copy the url below to a web browser to complete the DEP 

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