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Mon Dec 1 12:49:09 EST 2008

GIS Users,


As you are probably aware, on the weekend of December 13th, EPIC31 is being
shut down and the current SDE1 at verison 8.3 will be no more!


We have set up a new SDE1 on the new server and it is version 9.3.  This has
several impacts:


1)      ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView / ArcMap / ArcInfo) will need to be at
version 9.2 sp5 or higher to be able to connect to the new SDE1.  To check
your version, run the following utility:
<file:///\\gisres1\gisserver\Software\Esri\ServicePackFinder92.EXE>  .  You
do NOT have to upgrade to ArcGIS 9.3 at this time.  9.2 sp5 or higher is
still fully supported by OTIS/GIS and ESRI.

2)      The ArcSDE Raster instance SDERASTER will be shut down.  All imagery
from this server has been ported over to the new Image Server GISIMAGE.  Most
users have already been using Image Server.  All imagery coming from
DataMiner / DataCat is pointed to GISIMAGE.  If the imagery layers in your
MXDs break, simply go to DataMiner / DataCatalog and add the layer again.

3)      We have taken this opportunity to work with the GIS Coordinators to
get rid of a lot of old data from SDE1.  Our Data Steward (Aparna) will be
sending a separate email detailing the deprecated layers.  All of the
deprecated layers have newer versions to replace them.

4)      Because of the server change (EPIC31 to ARCSDE), layers in your MXDs
may break on 12/15/08.  To fix this problem, simply go to DataMiner /
DataCatalog and add the layer again.  

5)      As it is a new server and a new version of SDE, there may be
unforeseen issues.  Please bear with us as we work through the issues as they
come up.

6)      The new server will be MUCH faster!


Please email the DEP Helpdesk with any questions:  helpdesk at .



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