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GIS Users,
Data stewards from several of the Divisions (DWRM, DEAR, DARM, and DWM) and
the CA/MapDirect Team have been working together with the OTIS/GIS Section
for over a year to refine the symbology used to represent many of their point
data layers.  This effort was motivated by the need to graduate from the
traditional simple markers (circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, etc) to a
set of improved symbols that represent the underlying data in a more
meaningful way.
Over the next several weeks the symbology updates will occur in stages as

*	For ArcGIS (DataCatalog and DataMiner) desktop users, a gis-l will be
issued a week in advance to keep you informed as to which layers are to be
*	New symbols will be applied to five existing layers at a time, on the
Monday following the gis-l notification. A follow-up gis-l will be sent
apprising users of the completion of the symbology update for
DataCatalog/DataMiner. Users are requested to make a note of these dates and
update their saved projects accordingly. Please note that the changes apply
only to the symbology of the layers and not to their spatial content. The
layers will be available as before from their original categories in
DataCatalog and DataMiner.
*	These symbology changes will be carried over to the display of the
layers in CA/MapDirect Web Mapping Application concurrently. These updates
will be documented in the 'What's New" window under the "Help" banner in the
CA/MapDirect welcome page.

OTIS/GIS Section

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