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GIS Users,


ArcGIS Explorer is a free GIS data browser that is great for users just
wanting to browse GIS data.  It is an alternative to Mapdirect
<>  or ArcView.


ArcGIS Explorer has had several recent enhancements including:

1)      A new installer that does not require Administrative rights to

2)      The new DEP Resource Center that contains maps and layers for use in
ArcGIS Explorer.  These maps and layers are coming directly from the
Enterprise Geodatabse SDE1 and imagery is coming from the new Image Server.

3)      A centralized server that will notify users when a new version of
ArcGIS Explorer is ready and will allow them to update.

4)      A PowerPoint training presentation
outlining how to use ArcGIS Explorer.


Please visit the install page here to get started:


Be sure to modify your proxy settings as indicated for the application to


If you already have ArcGIS Explorer installed, please run the installer above
so that you'll get the latest version and get connected to the DEP Home


After the application is installed, visit the Resource Center by going to
'File -> Resource Center' in ArcGIS Explorer, or go here:
http://depnet/gis/resourcecenter/ .


Please contact the DEP HelpDesk
<mailto:helpdesk at
Question>  if you have any questions.



The Department of Environmental 

Protection values your feedback as a customer. DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole is committed to continuously assessing and 

improving the level and quality of services provided to you. Please take a few minutes to comment on the quality of 

service you received. Copy the url below to a web browser to complete the DEP 

survey: Thank you in advance for completing the survey.
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