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GIS Users,
The following is a new addition to the FDEP GIS library and is available via
DataCatalog and DataMiner:
DataCatalog/DataMiner Name: Lake Vegetation Index
This layer describes the spatial extent of the North and South Lake
Vegetation Index (LVI) biological regions, as described in Fore et al. 2007,
Assessing the Biological Condition of Florida Lakes: Development of the Lake
Vegetation Index (LVI)
(  Some
component metrics of the LVI are scored differently for each region.  The
dividing line between the regions also divides the North Central and South
Central Climatological Divisions of the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA).
This layer is available under the Biology and Ecology and Environmental
Monitoring and Modeling categories in DataCatalog and is under the Indexes
and Boundaries tabs in DataMiner. 

The following layer has been recently updated in ArcSDE, DataCatalog and
DataCatalog/DataMiner Name: Brownfield Areas
This layer now has 205 records from the previous version's 202. The metadata
has been updated for this layer with the name of the newly added Brownfields
and their ID numbers. This layer is available in the "Environmental
Monitoring and Modeling" and "Planning and Development" categories in
DataCatalog and is under the "DWM" tab in DataMiner.

The symbology of the following layer visible in DataCatalog and DataMiner has
been recently updated:
DataCatalog/DataMiner Name: Geology (Stratigraphy)

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