gis-l: Looking for historical aerial images for Osceola County

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I have four resources for historical aerial photography.  Please see the
following information:


1st - Contact Reggie Bradley who retired from FDOT aerial survey section
after forty years.  He has started his own historical aerials business.  His
business houses the largest collection of Florida digital historic aerials
and is very good at finding imagery that others are not aware of.  I am
copying the most recent email he sent in March.  Here is a copy of the
information he provided and the link to his website.  He has great expertise
and I would suggest contacting him first.


To all users of historical aerials,


New pricing structure:


This applies to multiple dates of the same site.


$15.00 ea. 1-3 images

$12.00 ea. 4-9 images (maximum $100.00)

$10.00 ea. 11+ images


We provide the highest quality aerials available, custom cropped to your area
of interest and in the format you choose.

Each image is then adjusted for brightness, contrast, clarity and rotated for
proper orientation.

We can provide more dates than any other source so you don't have to settle
for "one per decade".

We house the largest collection of Florida digital historical aerials of any
source, but we also have knowledge of and access to

hundreds of thousands of other images. We excellent at finding imagery that
others can't.


If you are looking for a particular date or need some dates to fill in what
you haven't found elsewhere, please give us a try.



Here is a link to our website.




Reggie Bradley


Historical Aerials of Florida

By Night Train Productions

Tallahassee, Florida




2nd - Another resource is the USGS maps, imagery, and publications site.
Aerial photographs and satellite imagery are available for download at no
charge; however some areas may not be covered or may have to be purchased.
Go to


3rd - My friend who is the National Geodetic Survey Advisor provided told me
about the NGS website of the National Geodetic Survey Remote Sensing
Division.  Contact the division by telephone first. And also, there is a
charge for the images.  Here is the main website:

Mike Espey is the Chief of the Applications Branch R&D who is the person in
charge.  Contact Mike by telephone and he should be able to help you.  The
number is 301-713-2684 and email address Mike.Espey at


4th - And the last resource is the National Archives NARA (aerial and
satellite imagery).   There is a charge for the photographs.  

The main link is but to request and order copies go


These resources are awesome when aerials are not available through DOT and


Carroll Hageseth



Carroll Hageseth

Bureau of Surveying and Mapping

Division of State Lands

Department of Environmental Protection


Carroll.Hageseth at








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Our Deputy Director Rick Cantrell needs to find 1960s aerials for Osceola
county. We already researched the UF and DOT archives and we obtained 1959
and 1970 but nothing in the 60s. Does anybody have any suggestion where we
can find them, if available at all? The images doesn't need to even be in
digital form, even plain hard copies will do.


Thanks in advance.





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