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GIS Users,
The following WRM layers have been recently newly added/updated in ArcSDE, DataCatalog, DataMiner and MapDirect:

DataCatalog/DataMiner Name: WMS Cycle 3 Reporting Units

This layer defines the six boundaries of the "Cycle 3" Reporting Units used by the Status Monitoring Network of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Integrated Water Resource Monitoring program. These boundaries are intended to be utilized to spatially stratify statewide surface and ground water resources, beginning with Cycle 3 (January, 2009), and continuing until at least the end of Cycle 5 (December, 2011), or until the design of the program is altered. Additionally, this layer serves as a spatial and temporal update to replace the preceding layer of reporting units. Previous spatial boundaries were inherited from TMDL Basins which rotated on a five year statewide sampling cycle. The Cycle 3 Reporting Units are largely based off of manipulated Water Management District boundaries, from which a statewide sampling rotation is completed annually.
This layer is available in the “Environmental Monitoring and Modeling” category in DataCatalog and is under the “Boundaries” and “WRM” tab in DataMiner.

DataCatalog/DataMiner Name: Current Land Use LDI/LSI

State-wide Florida Land Use layer updated with Landscape Development Intensity (LDI) and Landscape Support Index (LSI) values. The Land Use layer was compiled from the five Water Management Districts (WMD) in Florida (NWF, SR, SJR, SWF, SF) using the most recent version of data available. The Current LDI/LSI layer has been updated to include the 2006/2008 Suwannee River Water Management District Land Use layer completed by FDEP in January 2010. This layer will be updated in the future immediately following Land Use layer updates by (or for) Water Management District offices.
This layer is available under the “Land Cover” and ‘Planning and Development” categories in DataCatalog and is under the “WRM” tab in DataMiner.

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