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Tue Mar 2 14:34:30 EST 2010

GIS Users,
You can find the presentation we will be giving this Thursday, March 4th in BMC 609 at 2 PM via the links below. Please be aware that this is not a training session, but more like a lecture with a Q&A time at the end.  As such, the room we have reserved does not contain workstations from which to follow along in ArcMap.
PDF: http://depnet/gis/Resources/FDEP_GIS_Resources.pdf
PowerPoint: http://depnet/gis/Resources/FDEP_GIS_Resources.pptx
This session will focus on introducing some of the enterprise services and custom tools developed by OTIS/GIS that are available to the GIS community at FDEP.  Among the items we will be showcasing are new versions of Data Miner and Map Direct.  Also, we will be discussing the deprecation schedule of Data Catalog and other legacy products.

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