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Good morning GIS Users,

OTIS/GIS is happy to announce the new version (2.0) of the Latitude and Longitude Reporting Tool<http://depnet/gis/software/custom/latlongtool.htm> for ArcMap (versions 9.3 and above). The tool combines the functionality found in the previous version of the tool along with that found in the Latitude and Longitude Display tool.

The previous version, available here<http://depnet/gis/software/custom/fdep_arcview8.htm>, has been repaired and should be used by those of you on ArcMap 9.2 SP6.

Once you have installed the tool, follow the steps outlined below to add it to your toolbar.

 1.  Start ArcMap.
 2.  Inside ArcMap, click the Tools menu and select Customize.
 3.  A Customize dialog box should appear. Select the Commands tab, scroll down to DEP Tools and select it.
 4.  To the right of the Categories listing is a list of available tools. Select and drag the DEP Lat/Long Reporting Tool to any of the tool bars in the map view. Once the tool has appeared on the toolbar, click the close button to close the Customize dialog box.

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