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GIS Users,
The following layer was recently added in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Statewide BMAP Areas

A BMAP (Basin Management Action Plan) is the "blueprint" for restoring impaired waters by reducing pollutant loadings to meet the allowable loadings established in a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). It represents a comprehensive set of strategies--permit limits on wastewater facilities, urban and agricultural best management practices, conservation programs, financial assistance and revenue generating activities, etc.--designed to implement the pollutant reductions established by the TMDL. These broad-based plans are developed with local stakeholders--they rely on local input and local commitment--and they are adopted by Secretarial Order to be enforceable.
This layer is under the “Boundaries”, “Water” and “WRM” tabs in DataMiner.

The following layer was recently updated in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Public Beach Access Sites

Public Beach Access Sites Along the Panhandle, West and Upper East Coast of Florida. The East coast data currently includes sites in Nassau to Brevard counties. This layer is available under the “Water” tab in DataMiner.

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