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GIS Users,
The following Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) layers were recently added in the GIS Library:
DataMiner Name: Manatee Mortality
GIS layer of recovered manatee carcass locations within Florida from April 1974 through to June 2010. Locations are based both on coordinates provided
by field staff, gathered either by GPS or using navigation charts to ascertain latitudes and longitudes, as well as a map provided by the field staff.

DataMiner Name: Sea Grasses
This polygon GIS data set represents a compilation of statewide seagrass data from various source agencies and scales. The data were mapped from sources ranging in date from 1987 to 2009.

DataMiner Name: Florida Public Access Boat Ramp Inventory
Descriptive inventory of public access boat ramps throughout Florida, derived from raw data produced during the Florida Boating Access Facilities Inventory and Economic Study. This data set is modified from the original format and supplemented by additional data maintained by FWC.

DataMiner Name: Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas
In 1994, researchers in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission completed a project, entitled Closing The Gaps in Florida's Wildlife Habitat Conservation System (Cox et al 1994), assessing the security of rare and imperiled species on existing conservation lands in Florida. These biologists used a variety of species occurrence data, habitat data and a geographic information system (GIS) to determine the protection afforded to focal species on publicly owned lands and identify important habitat areas in Florida with no conservation protection. These areas, known as Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas (SHCA), serve as a foundation for conservation planning in Florida by clearly depicting the crucial need for species protection through habitat conservation. This updated version is a result of the Updated Recommendations for the Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas published in 2009 and has re-identified Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas for a new selection of focal species, including many species that were in the original 1994 report.
All these layers are under the “FWC” tab in DataMiner.

The following 2 GIS layers obtained from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have recently been added to DataMiner:
DataMiner Name: Marine Protected Areas – Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico
The MPA Inventory is a comprehensive catalog that provides detailed information for existing marine protected areas in the United States. The inventory provides geospatial boundary information (in polygon format) and classification attributes that seek to define the conservation objectives, protection level, governance and related management criteria for all sites in the database. This layer is a subset of the national inventory layer and contains protected areas in the south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico only.

DataMiner Name: Florida National Marine Sanctuary
The National Marine Sanctuary Program manages a system of sanctuaries and other managed areas around the country. This layer is a subset of the nationwide GIS marine sanctuaries boundaries layer and contains only the sanctuaries present in Florida.
Both these layers are under the “Boundaries” tab in DataMiner.

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