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GIS Users,
The following layer was newly introduced in the GIS library:

DataMiner Name: Non Mandatory Phosphate Reclamation Programs 2010

This layer is a replacement for the current older Non Mandatory Reclamation Programs layer:
DataMiner Name: Non Mandatory Phosphate Reclamation Programs
This new layer is available under the “WRM” tab in DataMiner. Users are requested to update any saved map documents with the new layer – details mentioned above by June 17th.

The following layers were recently updated in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Outstanding Florida Waters
This layer is under the “Water” and “WRM” tabs in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Ambient Air Monitoring Units
This layer is under the “ARM” tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Florida NHD
This layer is under the “Water” and “WRM” tabs in DataMiner.
Please note the following changes that have been applied to the NHD symbology visible in DataMiner:
This layer now supports hyperlinks in the NHDPointEventFC feature class in the NHD24 feature dataset. Gaging stations within the NHDPointEventFC can be identified using the lightning bolt – hyperlink button from the ArcMap Main Menu toolbar and the default web browser will be directed to the USGS stream gage data for that feature.
The database includes a network using the NHD24 NHDFlowline feature class.  The Utility Network Analyst tool can be used to trace routes through the network, however please note that if you set the results of the trace as selected features and zoom to selected, you may zoom to a scale that is outside the NHD24 dependency settings.

OTIS/GIS Section

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