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GIS Users,
The following layers are recent additions to the FDEP GIS library and are published in DataMiner:

DataMiner Name: DOH Sewage - Treatment and Disposal Facilities
This layer contains onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems inspected by the Department of Health. This layer is under the ‘Boundaries’ tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Nuclear Power Plant Zones
Nuclear power plant zones for protective action orders. The data consists of 10 degree directional sectors centered on the plant and buffers for miles 0-10 which make up the Emergency Planning Zone, within which immediate protective actions might be required. There are also the same 10 degree sectors with a 10 to 50 mile buffer which represents the Ingestion Pathway zone where agricultural protective actions might be required. This layer is under the ‘Boundaries’ tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Nuclear Power Plant Evacuation Areas
This layer contains nuclear power plant evacuation areas for protective action orders to the public. This layer is a landmark bounded set of areas to be used with the nuclear power plant zones to facilitate orders to the public. These evacuation areas relate to real world locations, but should be used along with Nuclear Power Plant Zones. This layer is under the ‘Boundaries’ tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name:  Ecoregions/Subregions
Ecoregions denote areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources. They are designed to serve as a spatial framework for the research, assessment, management, and monitoring of ecosystems and ecosystem components. This layer is under the ‘Boundaries’ tab in DataMiner.
This replaces the following older 2008 layer in DataMiner:
DataMiner Name: Ecoregions/Subregions
Users should remove the older layer if saved in their mxd’s and add the new layer from DataMiner.

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