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Good Afternoon,

Here are a few items that you may find interesting or helpful.

Question: How will the consolidation of departmental GIS servers to the Northwood Shared Resource Center (NSRC) affect enterprise GIS services?
Answer: The server move is currently scheduled to take place on January 21st, 2013.  The switch should be transparent to most users.  After the switch, there shouldn't be any difference between the way you go about accessing either Desktop licenses through our License Manager,  GIS data through Data Miner and "direct" SDE connections or access to Map Direct.

Question: How much longer will I be able to use ArcGIS Desktop version 9.3x?
Answer: In order to maintain a flexible and conservative approach to License management we support two versions of ArcGIS Desktop at any given time.  We currently support versions 9.3.1 and 10.  ESRI rolled-out version 10.1 on June 11th of this year and have very recently released service pack 1 to this version.  Some users are requesting enterprise access to ArcGIS Desktop version 10.1 and we are preparing our infrastructure to support these requests.  Roughly at the time we roll out version 10.1 we will stop supporting version 9.3.x.  This will likely occur shortly after the release of version 10.1 service pack 2 which hasn't yet been announced yet officially but is likely to occur in the spring/early summer of 2013.  Please let us know if you have any requirements of version 9.3 which cannot be met with version 10 or 10.1.

Question: I  can't connect to ArcGIS Desktop.  I get a message that tells me the license manager is unavailable/has expired/switch the ArcGIS Software product.  How can I fix this?
Answer:  There are several reasons why this might be taking place.  Here are a couple of the more usual suspects.

1.       You may have borrowed a license(version 10 only) and the borrow time has expired.  You'll just need to open ArcGIS Desktop administrator, expand the Desktop and Borrow/Return folder and uncheck the Borrowed features and hit OK.  Back up to the Desktop folder and then make sure the Concurrent Use software product is selected and the License Manager reads "ESRILIC"  if it doesn't, hit the "change" button, type "ESRILIC" in to the text entry box and then Apply
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2.       In District and other offices remote to Tallahassee, temporary unavailability has been traced to excessive bandwidth sequestration.  In these cases, resolution comes when bandwidth usage slows; it usually means trying again later.

3.       If neither of these are applicable, please send an email to the Service desk.

Helpful Hint:  ESRI's use documentation has improved, their version 10 online resource center<> and installed help (Start Menu->All Programs->ArcGIS->ArcGIS Desktop Help) are an excellent source of information!

Have a great week!

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