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Wed Oct 3 14:09:19 EDT 2012

GIS Users,
The following layers will be removed from DataMiner on October 10th 2012:
TIGER 1990 Counties
TIGER 2005 Landmarks (Areas)
TIGER 2005 Landmarks (Points)
TIGER 2005 Places
TIGER 2005 Places (Centroids)
TIGER Rail 2005 (Lines)
TIGER Roads 2005

All the above layers already have newer replacement layers available in DataMiner. Please use the following layers instead:
TIGER 2010 Counties
TIGER 2010 Landmarks (Areas)
TIGER 2010 Landmarks (Points)
TIGER 2010 Places (Areas)
TIGER 2010 Places (Centroids)
TIGER 2010 Rail (Lines)
TIGER 2010 Roads

Users are requested to update any saved projects with the replacement layers by October 10th.

OTIS/GIS Section

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