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As you already may be aware, the agency is undergoing a change in the way that we provide GIS licensing.  Use of ArcGIS Desktop ArcINFO and ArcView products now require Division Director or designee's approval and OTIS is working with program areas to develop a list of approved users.  In respect of this effort we have changed our installation procedures found on our intranet site<http://depnet/gis/software/index.htm> to only allow access to the products we have developed in-house (DEP custom add-ins) or can get freely and that we support (FGDC Metadata editor).

As ArcGIS desktop installations will require validation and as installs will be handled by Tier II desktop support staff, all requests for installations should be submitted to the ServiceDesk at<mailto:ServiceDesk at>.   The email to service desk should include a written approval from your Division Director or the Division Director's delegate.

We've also received many good questions about the roll out of version 10.1 and ongoing support of 9.3.1.  We're aiming to make ArcGIS desktop version 10.1 available in early June.  We will no longer be able to support version 9.3.1 at that point, you'll have a choice to use either version 10 or version 10.1.  At that point we should already have a final list of approved users and the service desk will validate each upgrade installation against that list.  In cases where an installation is not on the list, service desk will ask that people requesting installations submit written approval from your Division as above.

Service packs will be treated as we do products that are developed in house; Links for installs will be provided via our intranet site.  As service packs require administrative credentials, any users who are not admins on their machines will need to submit a service desk request.

We're working with service desk to develop an upgrade plan that takes into consideration the new installation policy and availability of staff as a result of office moves and PC refresh cycles.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops, and please keep the constructive comments and questions coming, they've been very helpful in illuminating the bumpier portions of our path.



Please take a few minutes to share your comments on the service you received from the department by clicking on this link. DEP Customer Survey<>.
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