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GIS Users,
The following new layers were recently added in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Cadastral 2012 (Property Appraiser Parcels)

This layer is under the “Indexes” tab in DataMiner. This data was originally developed by the Department of Revenue (DOR) in conjunction with the various county property appraiser's offices. Users should note that, this parcel data is to be used for reference purposes only. For legal issues, the users need to contact the respective county property appraisers office for accurate records. This layer will be added in MapDirect shortly.
With the release of the new Cadastral 2012 data, the older Cadastral 2009 (Property Appraiser Parcels) layer will no longer be available via DataMiner from March 4th 2013. Users will have to update their saved mxd’s if this layer is being used. If business needs dictate continued use of the Cadastral 2009 layer, please contact OTIS/GIS Section directly – GIS.Librarian at<mailto:GIS.Librarian at> for assistance.

ArcSDE Feature Dataset Name: BASE.FEMA_FLOOD_ZONES
•       BASE.FEMA_DFIRM_FLOOD_ZONES (Feature class)
•       BASE.FEMA_Q3_FLOOD_ZONES (Feature class)
DataMiner Name: FEMA Flood Zones – DFIRM & FIRM Q3
This FEMA Flood Zone feature dataset consists of 2 feature classes - BASE.FEMA_DFIRM_FLOOD_ZONES (Flood Zones from the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs)) and BASE.FEMA_Q3_FLOOD_ZONES (Flood Zones from the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) Q3 data). Please note that not all counties in Florida have the latest DFIRM data published by FEMA. For these counties the older FIRM Q3 data is still applicable. This data is available under the ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Water’ tabs in DataMiner. This replaces the older FEMA Flood Zones data in DataMiner and MapDirect.

OTIS/GIS Section

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