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Here are a few things that you might find interesting or helpful:  note: Several Question/Answer items have been published before but we've new users joining FDEP's GIS all the time and they're worth republishing.

Question: I would like to create an ArcGIS Online web page to distribute my program data but have technical issues resulting from the fact that individual accounts have limited upload capacity.  How can I resolve this?
Answer:  ESRI's terms and conditions of ArcGIS Online use stipulate that personal ESRI universal accounts are not allowed to be utilized for government business. FDEP's GIS Development standard provides that the appropriate solution for the delivery of interactive web mapping functionality be delivered through the agency's Map Direct application.  Please contact the agency GIS coordinator (currently Joe North<mailto:joe.north at>) to begin the process of Map Direct application customization for your program area.

Question:  I would like to undertake a project or perform a task that requires OTIS/GIS support.  What departmental standards might apply to my project?
Answer:  There are currently three standards documents that involve enterprise GIS resources;

*         Locational Data Standard which aims to ensure that attribute tables associated with geometric features that are stored in enterprise database management systems contain consistent data elements

*         Information Technology Infrastructure Environment Specification which specifies supported information technology hardware and software

*         GIS Development Standard which provides software, process and data requirement information specific to GIS
Copies of these may be accessed from the Data Management & Specifications section links at the following intranet site:  http://depnet/gis/geodata/index.htm .

Question:  I am an ArcGIS desktop version 10 user and I need to submit metadata to the departments GIS library and/or to others using ArcGIS desktop 9.3.1.  When I do so, the metadata is not usable by SDE or the 9.3.1 recipient.  How do I fix this?
Answer: (Aparna Bokey):  Users needing to submit metadata for inclusion into the departments SDE or to others using previous versions should use Esri's FGDC metadata editor addin for creating/updating metadata in ArcGIS 10. The add-in can be downloaded from here:
Please do not use the 'Edit' button under the 'Description' tab in ArcGIS 10 to create or update metadata shown below as metadata created by this method is stored in the new ArcGIS metadata format and is not compatible with previous versions of ArcGIS - 9.3.1 and earlier versions. FDEP will continue to maintain and publish metadata in the federally established FGDC format. For additional information please see our metadata in ArcGIS10 document<http://depnet/gis/software/arcgis10/Metadata%20in%20ArcGIS10.pdf>
[cid:image001.png at 01CDFA42.37C1DD90]

Question:  I would like to install ArcGIS Desktop along with FDEP customized GIS tools and data need access to download information, where do I find this?
Answer:  We currently support two versions of ArcGIS Desktop, 9.3.1 for which support is being phased out this spring/summer and install at this time is not recommended.  If however, needed, installation instructions may be found here http://depnet/gis/software/ArcGIS93/ARCGIS9.htm.  ArcGIS Desktop version 10 may be downloaded and configured here http://depnet/gis/software/arcgis10/arcgisdesktop.htm

Map Direct Spotlight:
A new Map Direct Focus was recently co-developed by Stephanie Sunderman, Jay Silvanima and Gary Kekelis.   Stephanie provides this description of the focus:
"FDEP's Watershed Monitoring Section (WMS) oversees the Status Monitoring Network, whose objective is to provide a snapshot of statewide surface water and groundwater conditions on an annual basis.  The Status Network evaluates the condition of groundwater within wells by examining the concentrations of substances that have primary drinking water criteria (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, fluoride, lead, nitrate + nitrite, sodium, and total coliform bacteria).  The Status Network also evaluates the condition of surface water (rivers, streams, and lakes) by examining the levels of chemical and other indicators (fecal coliform bacteria, dissolved oxygen, un-ionized ammonia, chlorophyll a, and trophic state index) that have criteria based upon the designated uses of the water.  The WMS Report Card Map Direct focus<> provides an interactive summary of Status Network results from 2009 through 2011, making the results accessible to the public, government officials, and other interested parties.  A more detailed summary of the information presented in the interactive map is available in the 2009-2011 Combined Report<> and Statewide Reports for 2009<>, 2010<>, and 2011<>."

Bad for FDEP but good for the nation, Steve Dross has accepted the U.S. Coast Guard's offer to begin Officer Candidate School.  We'll miss him.  Steve did a great job preparing our aerial imagery for use, managing image services and was our first responder on many GIS Technical service requests.  We'll seek to fill this position quickly so to minimize the disruption of GIS services to the agency as much as possible.

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Please take a few minutes to share your comments on the service you received from the department by clicking on this link DEP Customer Survey<>.
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