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GIS Users,
The following layers were recently added in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Florida Oyster Habitats
This layer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) represents oyster coverage for available study areas in the state of Florida. Not all areas have been mapped, but this dataset represents the oyster data available to FWRI as of November 2011. This layer is under the ‘FWC’ tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Florida Dams – National Inventory of Dams (NID)
This layer is a subset (containing records of the dams present in the state of Florida) of The National Inventory of Dams. This layer is under the ‘Water’ tab in DataMiner. Please note that this layer replaces the old Florida Dams/BASE.NIS_DAMS_2008 layer.

The following layer was recently updated in the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: Florida Adopted TMDLs
The Adopted TMDLs data has been updated with the new TMDLs that have been adopted since January 20th 2012. This layer is under the ‘Water’ and ‘WRM’ tabs in DataMiner.

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