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Good morning GIS users,

The GIS team is pleased to announce that OTIS is currently testing new servers that have just been purchased and are being installed in each of the five Regulatory Districts.  Whether you are in a field office, work with District staff, or welcome a lighter load on the Tallahassee servers, this is a great thing.

One function of these servers is to provide a local source of GIS data. In the past, a similar system was in place but today's implementation has a modern twist!  Rather than copying our source GIS data to each location and having to provide updates, staff have devised a configuration that allows users to access the data that reflects updates as soon as they are available in Tallahassee.

These new servers aim to improve GIS services in two ways.  First and foremost: SPEED!  OTIS will be contacting GIS coordinators at several locations to run benchmark tests to help us gauge the improvement in GIS processing and draw speed.  Thank you in advance for taking time to help with this testing. The second improvement relates to minimizing interruptions in service.  With the new configuration, if one server fails or is off line, the system seamlessly searches for the next nearest server and continues to provide you data.  During a test here in Tallahassee; when one server was removed, our staff could not tell when the switch to the next server took place.

When our testing is over and all the servers are in place, I will send out a follow up with more information. We are committed to supporting all of FDEP's GIS users and look forward to improved services with these new resources.  Thank you and stay tuned.


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