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We just had a situation where we were looking at Board on Geographic Names GNIS point data for a named lake, but there was no lake on the topo map (just a small depression with no water symbology) and nothing that we could see on any aerial imagery. Thinking that it may have been entered into the GNIS database with bad coordinates, I contacted BGN to suggest making the name "historical" or see if there was any other information they might have as to the lakes correct whereabouts.

Apparently, the lake was accurately placed, but only appeared on an older version of the topo map.  I was then informed that the older versions of the topo maps are actually available for download at

This may contain very useful historic information that isn't otherwise documented in GIS layers readily available.

This was part of the response I received:

"The 1966/76 map, along with other editions, can be downloaded as geopdfs from the USGS Map Store.  Once you locate the quadrangle for a specific map on the map grid, you can hover your cursor over the year to view the various photorevision/imprint/field check/edit dates."
Hope this is helpful!


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