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GIS Users,
The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) was recently updated in the GIS library and MapDirect.
DataMiner Name - Florida NHD

In October 2014, an updated copy of the Florida portion of the National Hydrography Dataset was downloaded and was prepared for release through DataMiner and MapDirect. For information on where editing took place since the last release, look at the Supplemental Information in the metadata.
The database includes a network using the NHD24 NHDFlowline feature class. The Utility Network Analyst tool can be used to trace routes through the network, however please note that if you set the results of the trace as selected features and zoom to selected, you may zoom to a scale that is outside the NHD24 dependency settings. If you set the results of a trace to be selected features, you can then open the NHDFlowline attribute table and open the related NHDArea and NHDWaterbody tables to identify the larger waterbodies that interact with the selected route.
Also, you'll find some new additions to the database:

*         A new field in the 24K NHD Flowline feature class has been added to support the analysis of Flowline features.  The "Parent_Feature" identifies the feature type of the NHDFlowline itself in all cases except for Artificial Paths.  For Artificial paths, the feature type of the polygon feature it resides in has been used.  See process steps for additional information.

*         More detailed NHDPointEventFC data displays separate icons for Active-Continuous, Active-Partial, and Inactive stream gages, all of which are hyperlinked to the National Water Information System web interface page for that point.

*         The Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) now includes fully attributed, including names, of HUC2 through HUC12 boundaries as polygons and a new WBD Lines layer symbolized by the lowest common HUC number.

This layer is available under the 'Water' and 'WRM' buttons in DataMiner.

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