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GIS Users,

Please note that the county boundaries between Martin and St. Lucie counties were changed -
There is a new layer added to the GIS library - TIGER 2015 Counties, under the 'Boundary' button in DataMiner which reflects these boundary changes.

DataMiner Name: TIGER 2015 Counties

Please note that the older county boundary layer TIGER 2010 Counties will be removed from the GIS library on March 1st 2016. Users are requested to kindly update any saved projects with this new 2015 layer prior to this date. The 2015 layer will also be added in MapDirect in the coming months.

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) has recently released a new polygon Element Occurrences layer which replaces the point Element Occurrence layer currently available in the GIS library. The new polygon layer from FNAI has been added under the 'FNAI' button in DataMiner:

DataMiner Name: Element Occurrences (areas)

Since FNAI will not be releasing any updates to the point Element Occurrences layer, users are requested to update their projects with the new polygon layer prior to March 1st 2016. The Element Occurrences layer will be removed from the GIS library on March 1st.


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